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River (Cover)

Type: Official
Writers: Todd Bridges, Austin Michael Jenkins, Joshua Block, Chris Vivion
Made famous by: Leon Bridges (2015) (Play)
Times Performed: 17


The song was posted early by Grace on 1-feb-18, but later deleted.

“That’s one of those songs that I wish I wrote. If I had to choose a song that I wish I wrote and was mine, it would be that song. I never know why I like a song, but that song is so beautiful. Certain songs just touch your heart for some reason. That’s the only song I have discovered [that she feels like that about] I found it, I heard it playing – I forgot where I was, but it was somewhere small, it was like a store o something, and it was playing and I was like “Oh my god!”. SO, as I was hearing it, I was trying to remember the words I was hearing – “take me to the river, I want to go, goooo”. SO, I got home and looked it up. Interviewer: Did you start to learn it immediately after? Grace: No, I just listened to it, and I wanted to cover it, so I told my mom, I need an extra song, just tell them [her manager], I want to sin g this song. And then they were like: “Oh, you can sing it for this” [mimes going crazy with joy].”
(Grace Vanderwaal - Breaks Down River - MTV Push December Artist of the Month, released Dec. 8, 2017)


2017.11.05 The Troubadour Just the Beginning Tour
2017.11.13 Irving Plaza Just the Beginning Tour
2017.11.15 Park West Just the Beginning Tour Part of (1m) Good video but sound a bit distorted
2017.12.04 MTV Push December Artist of the Month (MTV Studios)
2018.01.06 The Art of Elysium - John Legends Heaven 2018 (Barker Hangar )
2018.02.05 The Sinclair Just the Beginning Tour
2018.02.07 9:30 Club Just the Beginning Tour
2018.02.09 Cannery Ballroom Just the Beginning Tour Fragment (16s) 
2018.02.10 Terminal West Just the Beginning Tour Part of (46s) 
2018.02.12 Warehouse Live Just the Beginning Tour Part of (1m14s)
2018.02.13 Trees Just the Beginning Tour
2018.02.16 Bluebird Theatre Just the Beginning Tour
2018.02.20 Slim's Just the Beginning Tour Fragment (15s)
2018.02.22 Hawthorn Theatre Just the Beginning Tour
2018.02.23 Neumos Just the Beginning Tour No media available but confirmed by video now deleted
2018.04.21 MVCC Cultural Series (Mohawk Valley Community College) Just the Beginning Tour
2020.05.22 At home

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