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Live It Out (Original)

Type: Fragments and sketches
Writers: Grace Vanderwaal
Times Performed: 1


Improvised on the spot during an IG live


2021.06.19 Homemade

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Live It Out

Let it out
My mom, she’s driving me fucking insane
And I feel like I’m just losing my brain
Maybe I should just take a second or two
But life doesn’t hold back, that’s what they tell you

Everybody’s giving me advice, holding me back or telling me twice
“Just believe in it, just believe in it”

And everybody’s giving me life advice,
Telling me hold back, “just think twice”
They’re saying, “just believe it”

My mom’s driving me just fucking insane
I’m smoking too much weed, and it’s bad for my brain
And I just wanna lay down and turn in too
But I haven’t dreamt since I was the age two

Telling me that I just should go
Quit my job, leave even though
And I don’t make enough fucking money
But there’s no time just to worry

And everybody’s telling me, “just think twice”
Telling me all this life advice
Telling me, “just believe in it, believe in it”

Everybody’s giving me life advice
Telling me, “baby, just think twice”
But always “believe in it.”

Maybe I should take a breath or two
Maybe I should just lay down, a second or two
But I can’t sleep in the night, I’m thinking bout’ you
I’m also, always thinking ‘bout me and my boo

And now I’m this and it’s 4am
And I’m just writing here on my pen
And I’m tryna get all this shit out my head
And maybe I should just eat something instead

And everybody’s giving me life advice
Telling me, “little girl, just think twice.”
But always believe in it

Telling me, getting all down my skin
Always telling me how to live
And I’m waking up my neighbours 4am
And I’m singing it
Oh oh
Oh oh

I don’t know what’s going down, in 5 years, or 10 years from now
5 years, or 10 years from now

I don’t know what’s going down, in 5 years, or 10 years from now
5 years, or 10 years from now

And everybody’s telling, “girl, slow down”
Think twice and just choke it down but, most of all, just believe in it

And I’m just tryin to drown them out
Stay clear to my path, keep it out
I said, I’m just trying to live it
I’m tryna live it
I’m tryna do my shit
I’m tryna get in it
I’m tryna get that bag
I’m tryna sing it out
I’m tryna go on tour, and sing my heart fucking out
I wanna be a rockstar,
I wanna sing for the crowds
I wanna see some girl, with her tits all out
And she says, “just sign my cleavage now!”
And I sign it right down with my tattoos out

Here I am on live
Trying to, try to understand my emotions
I don’t know if I can think twice
Think about what I’m doing and how it affects the children

Cause everybody’s telling me, “just think twice.”
Telling me how to live my life
But just saying, “little girl, believe it.”

And I’m just trying to live it out
Go on tour and sing for crowds
Darling, well I’m just believing it

And my phones blowing up, and people are telling me I’m not getting enough Spotify streams
I don’t really care about those things

They’re telling me to promote this shit on Instagram and get that promotion
Get all of that in an erosion
All this technologocian
Or whatever the fuck

And people on their phones and shit, thinking that they’re connecting about their shit
Thinking that they’re connecting and this is the way to live
this is a way to live

People are telling me all about myself,
things I don’t even know, guess I blacked that out
And, “guess she’s a bitch,” or “she’s amazing”
“She was an Angel with some golden wings.”
But then some of us are saying,
“you gotta invest in singin.
You gotta keep doing your thing-in
You gotta keep doing your thing-in”

Everybody’s telling me “shut it out”
“Girl think twice, just live it out.”
But most of all “just believe in it”

And I’m just trying to live it out
Go on tour and sing for crowds
I’m just trying to believe in it

(Transcribed by YouTube user Clare Weitzel. Posted with the following disclaimer: "none of these are confirmed, it’s just what I could make out, I’m open to making alterations if anyone has ideas that may make more sense!")

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