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Avocado Toast (provisional title) (Original)

Type: Fragments and sketches
Writers: Grace VanderWaal
Times Performed: 1


Grace started a long live on IG (her first in quite a while) with a song she had just written. She introduced it like this:

"I just wrote this song the other night about the commercialization of self-care and how I feel like it doesn’t actually do anything. Selfcare is a real thing, but it’s been so commercialized to be like "oh you have to buy Jasmin rollers! And eat avocado-toast! And it’s like, bitch, that doesn't solve my problem! I am eating avocado toast, I'm stretching, I'm doing the workouts Pinterest tells me to do, and I'm still the same. I'm still fucking sad. And that inspired me to write a song."

"I am always seeing these Pinterest self-care boards and these TikTok videos about self-care and it’s like: ‘I was once so angry and depressed, then I started waking up at five in the morning and taking cold showers and doing meditation and yoga and get in shape and eating avocado-toasts and smoothies and ginger, and now I am cured’. I tried it, and it didn’t fucking work! That is what inspired this song.


2021.06.14 Homemade

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