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Who wants to take me at prom? (Original)

Type: Fragments and sketches
Writers: Grace Vanderwaal
Times Performed: 1


Grace went on TikTok late at night and did a short song about not being good at school-stuff, with the caption: "A song I wrote rn bc I cant sleep". Grace provided the lyrics with the song.


2021.03.01 At her parent's house About a minute of nightly ruminations

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Living in a room of my own filth
I haven’t done a piece of homework since the first semester
I always say I’ll change, I never will
Every night I go to sleep a couple hours later

I swear I’ve been this way since I was five
I’ve tried all the medicines the doctor can prescribe
But I never can seem to do what is right

Crying from the situations I inflicted
I’m my villain

So who wants to take me at prom?
So who wants to take me at prom?

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