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Bad Little Boy (Cover)

Type: Fragments and sketches
Made famous by: Olivia Olson (2013)
Times Performed: 2


The song is from the animated series "Adventure Time" Season 5 episode 11 where it is a duet between "good girl" Fionna and self-proclaimed bad boy, Marshall Lee, the vampire king. (Voices by Olivia Olson and Donald Glover)
This is one of the episodes where some of the characters swap gender.

Grace has often been outspoken in her support of LGTBQ rights and she has always resisted being defined by or confined by her gender. Inan AG live on May 22, 2020, grace talked about how in an ideal world, sexuality-labels should not be necessary at all. To a question from a viewer about whether she had ever come out as gay, Grace answered:

"Regarding sexuality and things like that, number one, no, I’ve never come out as gay, but, talking on a serious note, I don’t really believe in sexuality. I haven’t thought about this enough to really discuss it publicly, I just don’t really like labels. I think that here should be a time in the future where it’s like: “why does it matter? I’m straight I’m gay, I’m bi, I’m pan”. I don’t understand why we need to justify it to people or why it’s even a question. And all these new pronouns and identifications are coming out, and it only goes to show more, that you can’t put a name on sexuality, you just can’t. It’s just a special thing, and completely different thing to each individual. That’s why all these names are arising. They are not something new, they are not something invented. It’s just – people are starting to notice their differences. It’s almost impossible to have an accurate label to every single person. I just don’t think it’s a really big deal [to put labels on sexuality]"


2020.12.15 At her parent's house Fragment (33s but repeated to make video 1:06m)
2021.01.26 At her parent's house Grace sings part of the song and speaks part of it (abt. 53 seconds all in all)

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