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I Can't Watch You (Provisional Title) (Original)

Type: Fragments and sketches
Writers: Grace Vanderwaal
Times Performed: 1


Grace posted this fragment of the song on Instagram with the caption:

"I’m sitting in a shower.. but I’ve felt a release lately. I feel like I’m finally coping with years of resentment and mental battles. I feel like I’m ready to better myself and actually help myself. I’m ready to not be angry anymore. And somethings I’m not ready to forgive and heal. Some things I want to still hurt and be angry at and that’s okay. Something light put it’s hand on me recently . I can’t explain it but I’ve been filled with hope and motivation to get better and heal my past. I’m so excited for the future for all of us. Everyday is a gift of potential progression and new beginnings"


2020.12.05 At her parent's house Fragment (15s)

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