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I aint that girl you knew no more (Provisional title) (Original)

Type: Sung online
Writers: Grace Vanderwaal
Times Performed: 1


She presented this song like this: "Also, I have something else to show you. I had this one idea that I literally came up with in my sleep, … OK, so this is really, really, really rough. But it was like...” ( and she hums/sings along to a recorded back-track). “When - if - I ever actually make this - do you guys know Mahalia - the queen? - I wanted it to kind of be inspired by some or her older work. We all know her from this bob (plays a bit of "I wish I Missed my Ex" on her computer). She has an older album called "Diary of me", and I want it to be these vibes, when I actually make it. (plays the song "17" from the album), I like it to be with those types of harmonies. Grace again played a bit of the song and wondered aloud: "Now that I hear it, that’s actually pretty similar, it may be too similar actually!".


2020.10.06 Interlochen Center for the Arts At 7:58 (Timestamps not possible) "OK, so this is realy, really, really rough. But it was like...(and she mostly hums along to a recorded back-track, only with a few lyrics intersperesed - only about 30 second) - "That's litterally it".

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