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Everything Stays (Cover)

Type: Sung online
Writers: Rebecca Sugar
Made famous by: Rebecca Sugar (2015) (Play)
Times Performed: 1


"Everything Stays" is a song from the Adventure Time miniseries "Stakes" where Marceline's mother sings it to comfort a young Marceline. It is sung by Marceline herself in the final scene of "The Dark Cloud".

"I was so glad to get to write this song for the Adventure Time miniseries Stakes, and so honoured to be cast as Marceline’s mother! This song is based off an early memory of losing a stuffed animal, a black rabbit. I found it a year later, laying on it’s back in the garden. The sun had faded it’s underside, so that it now had a white belly. It wasn’t better, or worse, just different. It was the first time I realized that things will change no matter what, even if they’re left alone, and stay completely still. "


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