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Leaving Suffern (provisional title) (Original)

Type: Sung online
Times Performed: 1


In her introduction to her first (partial) performance of the song”, Grace explained that she would be moving in a week: "I am moving really soon. I have always dreamed. I used to dream about leaving, here, like my town, and like living in the city, and now that it’s actually happening, it’s like it feels different, you know? I thought I would be like Yeahh!!!” [But it's not].
She sang the song somewhat hesitantly and didn’t finish it. It seemed like a song she had written for herself and not really for others to hear. The song – or what we got to hear of it – told how she had wanted to leave for so long but now that it’s real, realized that what she wanted to leave was not the place … and we never got to hear what it was, as the live was cut off shortly thereafter


2020.08.03 At home

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