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GV Beat 1 (Original)

Type: Played online
Writers: Grace Vanderwaal
Times Performed: 0


Soundexperiment posted to Grace's SoundCloud account, which she keeps under the name "Evangela Christ". In an interview with refinery29 she explains why she likes that name and how it represents an urge to change - completely:

“I’ve wanted to change my name so many times,” Grace VanderWaal tells me between taking sips of her latte. “I’ve always loved Eve or Evangela or Marie or Maria. I think all these names are so gorgeous and mysterious in a way. I just love them. Why didn’t they name me Evangela?”

"In the movie, Stargirl grapples with what it means to abandon one identity and grow into another. VanderWaal faces a similar struggle, in figuring out how to exit the first phase of her life and smoothly end up on the other side, releasing music inspired by a combination of Kanye West and lo-fi jazz. The problem is that VanderWaal doesn’t quite know how to do that in a not-too-dramatic way. Her plan — one she’s had since she was little — is to run away somewhere and live a new life."

“You know that’s literally the ending of Stargirl,” I tell her.

“Dang it!” she says, grimacing. “But mine will be different. I will disappear. My mother will be worried. But I want you to know that my name is Evangela, I’m somewhere in France, I have long black hair, and I put on 20 pounds. Unrecognizable.”

(Morgan Baila, Refinery29, March 9, 2020)

Grace later changed the name of her SoundCloud account to "~_____"
(Screenshot from Soundcloud page)


2020.01.15 Not performed or released, but made available online (fragment - 18sec) Grace via Instagram: This beat is a couple days old now but I’ve gotten good reviews so far so check it out lol
2020.02.15 Not performed or released, but made available online Full version on Soundcloud

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