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I want to slow dance with you (Cover)

Type: Sung online
Writers: Babeo Baggins
Made famous by: Olivia Olson (2017) (Play)
Times Performed: 1


The song was sung by Marcelina (voiced by Olivia Olson) about her feelings for the Bubblegum Princes, in the episode "Marcy & Hunson" - the seventh episode of the tenth season of the American animated television series Adventure Time.

Wikipedia quotes the songs writer Babeo Baggins about the background for this song:

"So, I wanted to give you guys a bit of a backstory on the song I wrote called "Slow Dance" ... I wrote [the song] about this girl I had a big crush on, and she liked me too, but ... she had a boyfriend and I wasn’t a boy... (to her). I identify as genderfluid, and I feel very he/him most of the time. I was so heartbroken because I knew I wasn’t a "boy" in her eyes but I thought I could be, if she let me. Hence, "I know all the other boys are tough and smooth". It’s okay tho [sic], she’s a very lovely girl and I wrote a really good song out of it. I’m happy you all like it so much. Just wanted you all to know the root of the song."


2020.05.22 At home From the animated TV series "Adventure time",

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