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Today and Tomorrow (Original)

Type: Official
Writers: Grace Vanderwaal, Ido Zmishlany
Times Performed: 5
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Today and Tomorrow” is the end-credit title track on the Stargirl movie.

“Today and Tomorrow” is a slow ballad that is hauntingly beautiful. Sung in almost a whisper, Grace VanderWaal’s voice sounds wise beyond her years. The lyrics that talk about two individuals who were once so close they felt like one person and will never see each other again. The only instrument on the song is Grace’s ukulele. In spite of this, it has a very rich and full sound for such an acoustic release." (Alex Reif, The LaughinPlace March 6, 2020)

Grace wrote this song during the time when she was filming Stargirl. The director of Stargirl, Julia Hart has said that Grace wrote it while on set (, but Grace herself has told a different story:

“I actually didn't write it for the movie in the beginning. I was in the studio on a week off, while filming, and we wrote the song, and in the middle, we were like "this is perfect for the movie". (Grace on Good Morning America, March 13, 2020). ”I wasn’t even really thinking about anything, but once I started singing through the lyrics and it started coming together more and more like Stargirl. So I sent it over to Julia Hart, the director, just to see if she wanted to do anything with it, but no pressure. Do whatever you want to do. So that’s why it kind of got added to the end of the movie. It was a very last minute decision I feel like.” (Interview with Sarah El-Mahmoud for Cinemablend, March 25, 2020)

She didn’t write it with the ukulele in mind either:

“I actually didn’t [write the song with the ukulele in mind]. I was just singing in the studio and the producer pulled out a ukulele and started kind of like jamming to it and then we were just like, “That sounds really good.” The whole song just kind of happened. I wrote it while I was filming “Stargirl,” and I showed director Julia Hart and I guess she liked it. So, it’s in the [end credits].” (USA Today, March 13, 2020)

At the same time Grace has said that it was inspired by Stargirl: “Today and Tomorrow’ was inspired while I was filming the movie. I wanted to capture the essence of being Stargirl and how it felt to play her,” Grace says of the song. “My producer, Ido, and I wanted to keep it as raw and natural as possible to let people hear the magic in the studio when the song was written.” (From a presskit used by a number of publications)

Graces producer and co-writer on the song has told that is was recorded in one take. And Grace played the ukulele herself, while singing: (

"Ken Riley, the engineer on the song (owner of Rio Grande Studios), just said she played the uke while singing! That is the whole recording." (Fandwerwaal Sam Borgman on Twitter). Ido Zmishlany, Grace’s producer and longtime collaborator, posted on Twitter that Grace did the whole song in "one magical” take".

The song was at one point on the LA Times list of possible Emmy-nominees: “14. ‘Today and Tomorrow’ (‘Stargirl’). Speaking of wistful, there’s this unadorned ukulele ditty by the Disney+ movie’s star and real-life rising singer-songwriter Grace VanderWaal (co-written by Ido Zmishlany)." ("LA Times : 15. jun 2020 Compiled just for you: The Emmy-eligible original songs playlist for 2020)


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Release Date Record Type Track
2020-03-06Today and TomorrowSingle1
2020-03-12Stargirl (OST)LP18


(Disclaimer: we are not 100% certain of all the lyrics, so take them with a small grain of salt.)

Don’t say maybe, just don’t wake me
We can stay here for as long as we want
and make forever last a while

Leave the light on after the sun
leaves and goes to far-off ocean
and lay here with me

And I’ll catch you
falling into me, falling into you
and letting go of all the things I thought were true
Falling into me, as I’m falling into you
It seems so clear but I don’t know what to do

I speak too much
You stay closed off
But I can see your thoughts in the stardust shining back at me

As I catch you
falling into me, falling into you
letting go of all the things I thought were true
Falling into me, as I’m falling into you
It seems so clear but I don’t know what to do

One day I’ll be old and ugly
will you still be thinking of me
if we were as brave as we are now?

And I’ll catch you
thinking of me, as I’m thinking of you
letting go of all the things I thought were true
As you’re falling into me, and I’m falling into you
It seems so clear but I don’t know what to do

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