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The Way Out (provisional title) (Original)

Type: Sung online
Writers: Grace Vanderwaal
Times Performed: 2


The first glimpse of the song was posted by Grace on Instagram in 2019 and was 46 seconds long. The first (almost) full rendition was posted in January 2023 on TikTok.

Grace wrote this about the song in her second posting: "A conversation I had today reminded me of this song I wrote a while back. I was 16, coming off of tour, and it was so jarring coming back to my normal life off of being on this high. I didn’t know where to go from what’s been already handed to me.. this song still resonates with me so deeply going into adulthood. The questioning and second-guessing of one’s self, the harsh acceptance of the uncontrollable fact that the future and it’s a decision that’s beyond your control or knowing completely.


2019.10.19 At home Fragment
2023.01.23 Venue/place unknown Almost full rendition of the song

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