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Performance [651] 6-Oct-2020 (Homemade)


Sitting under a bunk bed. Grace had the room for what "...may literally just be 45 seconds" - it turned out to be an hour and 17 minutes - where she performed /played (parts of) three new songs and tried to do couple of covers but never really finished them. (The second cover, of Amy Winehouse’s "Black is Back" was so short - and interrupted that we have not included it in the set, but it is in the full video at about 27:17)

Grace proceeded to talk about a number of issues often prompted by questions from her viewers. She talked about how she hears songs in her sleep but can never remember them when she wakes up. She talked about how her not being addicted to social media is one reason why her fans don’t hear from her for periods of time and how not being in social media has helped her gain confidence and she talked, quite profoundly, about her relationship with religion. A number of the topics she talked about were music related:

On her guitar skills
After performing the second song she apologized for her guitar-skills: "That was really rough I know I it took too long to learn the guitar - girl, I don’t even play guitar! If someone asks me "Do you play guitar?" - Absolutely no!"

She couldn’t sing when she was young – she claims
"I literally couldn’t sing. I don’t think people understand, I was a bad singer, not saying that I’m incredible now, but it was bad when I was really really young. I always hated, hated, hated choir. I hated it so, so much. But I also just hate, like music class. Don’t get me wrong, I take a bunch of music classes now and I like it, but voice class, specifically, I still hate voice class. I have never taken a voice class since, 'cause I absolutely hate it.

On putting art on a formula
She again talked about how she hates having to approach music from a theoretical perspective “Art isn't something you should calculate. There are no calculated formulas or rules. You can analyse formats that happen to be common, but that doesn’t exactly mean that those are [the] options. You have to turn your mind of, no formulas, like no! … There is no such things as rules. Rules are just preferences, that's all it is. God didn't drop down rules, he just dropped down life. And the we organised it, because it was chaotic for all of us to just do whatever we wanted.”

On being PG in her lyrics
A viewer asked her why she cared about being “PG”: Her main reason is that her mother cares, and that some of her fans care. She thinks it’s a generational thing and that social media may have contributed to a more casual attitude even towards strangers

On quitting the business – or not
A year ago, she would sometimes consider quitting it all. But now ”I would do anything to keep my job, ‘cause I love it, I really do. When I am on tour and when I am performing, it’s the feeling I get with my sister. With my sister I am just so happy, I fell so authentic and its’ just so freeing to have that be pulled out of me by someone, you know how some people can just pull out something in you that’s just so free and feels so good. And the only other thing aside from my sister that does that is working and touring and being on stage.”

If not music then what?
Finally, a viewer asked what she would like to be one day if not a musician? “I think that I would just always be me, no matter what. I have never really worried, because I feel like I would find content in anything I did. I think I would just find whatever job would take me, and maybe try to get an internship at a label, because now I know many like connections. It would be cool to work form the inside then. And yeah, I would just like sing at open mic nights. I think I would still be very, very happy doing that. So, I am not very worried, to be honest.”

During the live, the song “Again” with Doris Day came up on the streaming service she was listening to (Spotify probably) – and she loved it (had only ever heard the remix before) – we might get a cover some day perhaps?

(Off IG Live)


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, guitar


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1. Free me (provisional title) At 0:30 (Timestamps not possible) "I just wrote this song today" (first)
2. Like Can't You See (provisional title) "I have another song I wrote a couple of days ago" (Not quite finished) The video is a lyric video form the Vandervault, as the original is in a video that does not allow timestamps. (first)
3. I aint that girl you knew no more (Provisional title) At 7:58 (Timestamps not possible) "OK, so this is realy, really, really rough. But it was like...(and she mostly hums along to a recorded back-track, only with a few lyrics intersperesed - only about 30 second) - "That's litterally it". (first)
4. Clay Pigeons (Blaze Foley - Cover) Grace performed 1m and 20s of the song, then she let herself get interrupted by a request to play something else (which she didn't). In the video, the audio has been edited to play twice, and the video edited for the audio. (first)

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