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Performance [636] 31-Aug-2020 (Homemade)


Grace once again had the room for herself, so she went on IG live and sang three covers.

She had just learned Selena Gomez' "Ring" so there were some glitches along the way.

Between the songs, she chatted about another song from Selena Gomez (whom she loves) that she did not particular like: "Black Pink", She talked about the upcoming "Pisces Moon" - "a vulnerable moment where you can do anything you want: rituals, prayers, asking for anything you want". And she talked about how she hatet music theory, a core part of her curriculum as a music major. She dislikes having to approach music "mathematically" - like "when people try to break down a work of art - that's not how it's supposed to be". She does not like the subject, nor the teacher (also because he gives a lot of homework) - and he does not like her..


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals


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1. Just Because (Lizzy McAlpine - Cover) Grace sang this song twice. This is the second instance (the first one can be found in the full video) (first)
3. Ring (Selena Gomez - Cover) (first)
4. Human (GW Original) The song is almost complete, but she gives up towards the end

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