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Performance [634] 27-Aug-2020 (Homemade)


Grace went on IG live three times on one day. The first live is performance# 633. The two next one have been bundled into one performance, here.

On the first of these two lives, Grace was in a hurry. She talked about wanting to learn “Honey Pie” by the Beatles – and returned to that again in the last live. But she never got around to do it. She sang two covers and rushed of, to classes presumably.

On the second live, in the evening, Grace was alone in her room: “I have the dorm to myself right now, which is why I am here, ‘cause I am always so embarrassed signing in front of my roommate.” Before her roommate Fiona came back, Grace sang five songs for the first time, three covers and two originals.

Grace sang a cover of SZA’s “Supermodel”. “I am trying to learn this song. I have been so obsessed with this. I have been listening to it all day, every day. I haven’t got tired of it.” Grace then sang the song again, this time singing along with the original (playing on her computer), but her live got cut because she was playing copyrighted material. Grace suspected someone watching had reported her, but it is more likely to be have been some automated monitoring system, recognizing the original playing in the background.

When the live resumed, Grace performed two originals. The first one “Clean my room” “probably isn’t even going to make it into letters vol 2. ‘cause I’m not crazy about it, but it’s a good song.” She sang along to a produced version of the song, playing on her computer. “That definitely won’t get on to vol 2, that’s the only reason why I am playing it. I have it written down on this list, but then again, this list is nine songs long and I have to narrow it down to be an EP”. Someone online suggested that she should release it now (as a single). Grace though that was a great idea because she had wanted to drop something during quarantine. They (her and her team) has been reluctant to release something because they did not want to “half-ass” things. “For Letters vol 2. I want to do it right. I don’t want to just toss it out there, it’s too good for that. And I am so tired of just throwing away music. I have wasted too many songs just throwing them away”. “I know I always saying it’s coming soon, but it will probably be a while”’

Grace was not quite satisfied with “I Don’t Care”, the second original she sang: “It needs a lot of work – I regret singing [it] that was terrible. I remember that being really, really good.”

Grace then started looking up the chords for Grouplove’s “Tongue Tied”. But then Fiona came in and Grace stoped the live.


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, Guitar


1. Fuck All the Perfect People (Chip Taylor and The New Ukrainians - Cover) (first)
2. Everything Stays (Rebecca Sugar - Cover) (first)
3. Supermodel (SZA (Solána Rowe) - Cover) Second video on the page. Song cut short by Instagram for Copyright reasons (first)
4. Clean My Room (Provisional title) (first)
5. I Don't Care (Provisional title) (first)

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