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Performance [630] 24-Aug-2020 (Homemade)


Grace went on IG live for the first time at her new School. Her roommate Fiona was out, and she just wanted to sneak in a short a live while she was away. It ended out being three lives spanning almost one and a half hour, most of it with her new roommate Fiona and also with Graham Verchere and his brother (?) joining the live.

Grace performed a new song "Human" and then played a rough production of a it from her computer”. She had forgotten to pack a gizmo for her mike when she left for her new school, so she had had to record it using voice memos on her phone, which she then transferred to and mixed on her computer. While she played the recorded version, she added further harmonies live, to give an indication of where she wanted the song to go. She later posted the recorded version on Instagram.

After some ruminations about whether she should or shouldn’t, Grace – again declaring that “I am not Ariana Grande” - played a few seconds of ”a song that I just kind of perfected but has worked on for sooo long …” It was a rough production of the backtrack of what she wanted to be the outro for Letters Vol.2, adding the singing live. Unfortunately, this was interrupted when her roommate entered.

Later, Grace and Fiona (only half-seriously) sings a cover of Conan Gray’s “I wish I was Heather”, with Grace on the guitar – improvising bits as they went along.

(Off video)


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, Guitar


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1. Human (GW Original) Version: 1: Grace sings the song live, accompanying herself on guitar (first)
Version: 2: Here Grace plays the recorded track and adds additional harmonies live
2. Outtro Letters Vol.2 (Provisional title) (first)
3. Heather (Conan Grey - Cover) (first)

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