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Performance [628] 3-Aug-2020 (Homemade)


Grace went on IG for three live streams from her tree house, totalling more than four hours (the "Full performance link below, leads to a a page with two videos covering the three lives).

She finished a new original song “Just a kid” with a little input from her viewers, sang a couple of new covers: Moses Summet’s “Make out in my car” (in a somewhat sanitized version) and Arian Grande’s “Needy”, as well as one “old” cover “I Need a Dollar” by Aloe Blacc. She also attempted to sing The Beatles’ “Yesterday”, but quickly gave that up because there were too many cords she didn’t know. She played the guitar she got from Shawn Mendes for all the songs. By the end of the last session she sang parts of another new original (which we have provisionally named “leaving Suffern”).

Most of the time however she just chatted and interacted with her audience covering a wide range of topics: She talked about how complicated it Is to get Letters vol 2 finished (mastered) and to figure out how to release, promote and perform it while the Corona pandemic is raging. “We are on unstable ground and all options are on the table”. She also talked about celebrity crushes, music, bugs, movies, TV-shows, meditation, about regretting releasing certain songs, being in the spotlight from a young age, how cringy fases of her life follows her forever, about guys, tattoos, and comparing NY and LA. Olivia and Jake interrupted her a few times and she left for a while for “a Dance party with my siblings”.

In her introduction to “Leaving Suffern”, she told that she would be moving in a week: “I can play a song I wrote today, which is kind of bad, which is why I never shared it, but it’s kind of “lullabyie”. I am moving really soon. I have always dreamed. I used to dream about leaving, here, like my town, and like living in the city, and now that it’s actually happening, it’s like it feels different, you know? I thought I would be like Yeahh!!!” She sang the song somewhat hesitantly and didn’t finish it. It seemed like a song she had written for herself and not really for others to hear. The song – or what we got to hear of it – told how she had wanted to leave for so long but now that it’s real, realized that what she wanted to leave was not the place … and we never got to hear what it was, as the live was cut off shortly thereafter, presumably due to a dead battery – as had happened before.

(Off YouTube)


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, Guitar


NB: Video for set# 3, 4 and 5 is for some reason not available in all countries. If you can't see it, go to the "Full video" (above) which is from another source (which does not allow time-stamps)
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1. I'm Just a Kid (first)
2. I need a Dollar (Aloe Blacc - Cover)
3. Make out in my car (Moses Sumney - Cover) A viewer asked for a lullaby (Gracedoes not quite know the song and hums some of it).
4. Needy (Ariana Grande - Cover) (first)
5. Leaving Suffern (provisional title) (first)

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Performance related While Grace lived in Suffern, we did not publish her adress. Now that the family has moved out: here is collection of photos from the realtors listing of the house.

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