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Performance [627] 26-Jul-2020 (Homemade)


“So I’d like to thank everyone for coming out tonight. It’s a beautiful summer night to night, really gorgeous. All the songs I am gonna sing in our little coffee shop tonight are not originals”

Grace gave a short performance from her home on IG live, interacting with a “pretend” live audience (she did have a live audience of course, but online). The performance had some technical issues with the sound as well as challenges introduce by a faulty mike stand and a low battery.


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals,Guitar


1. Leaving on a jet plane (Peter, Paul and Mary - Cover) An edited version with the breaks and glitches can be found in the "Reviews, recaps etc." box
2. I need a Dollar (Aloe Blacc - Cover) (first)
3. That's on Me (Mac Miller - Cover) Cut short about 3 min in because of dead battery (first)

Reviews, Recaps, Behind the Scenes etc.

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Media, PR etc An edited version of "Leaving on Jetplane" with breaks etc edited out

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Grace has performed: 75 times at this venue, 77 times in this city, 190 times in this state, 439 times in this country