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Performance [624] 28-Jun-2019 (Promotion)

Busking in New York


Grace, Melissa and Ben went busking in New York to promote "Ur so Beautiful". They performed in a park, on a subway station, on a subway train, and in the streets.

Not many people stoped to listen, but as Grace later commented, "This is New York", had it been in L.A. she believes they would have had a bigger audience. The lack of an audience did not however appear to affect the trio who seemed (as always) to have a good time.

A number of short fragments

(Off YouTube)


Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals

Ben Masters - Percussion, vocals

Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals


The videos below contain social mediaclips from the Rolling Stones Session on June 27, as well as clips from the busking event.
x. Best Friend (Rex Orange County - Cover) Fragment (4s) at 0:58 (Facebook video so no timestamps). 16 s fragment can be found in instagram post (link in the Reviews, recaps etc. box)
x. Ur So Beautiful Three Short snippets: in a subway station, on the subway, in the street with guy singing along
x. Valerie (Amy Winehouse - Cover) Walking along the street
x. Japanese Denim (Daniel Caesar - Cover) Fragment (first)

Reviews, Recaps, Behind the Scenes etc.

Type Comment Link
Performance related Busking in New York - all Instagram clips, Including a 16s clip of "Best Friend" from Central Park. (Second clip)
Recap Recap strung together from a row of social media posts
Media, PR etc Grace VanderWaal Performs “Ur So Beautiful” On The Subway
Timeline content Grace Vanderwaal Timeline on Facebook

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