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Performance [51] 21-Sep-2016 (TV Show)

The Ellen Show

Warner Bros. Studios


”Today, the young star made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and opened up about her experience on the show. From explaining exactly what Simon Cowell meant by his comparison to Taylor Swift to how she taught herself the ukulele, the 12-year-old went in on her experiences” (Teen Vogue sep 21 2016)

” #AGT winner Grace VanderWaal performed on my show today. She was WanderFaal.” (Ellen onFacebook 21 sep 16)

Ellen gave Grace a Pink bed where the top could open to reveal a ”1.000.000$ hiding spot”.

Grace later (in a TikTok video on January 26 2021) told that she never actually got the bed - which her 12 year old self would very much like to. The kept asking for it - but they never sent it.

In another (short-lived) TikTok video Grace elborated on her experience with Ellen: "I remember that I had a very good experience with her. You know, she was nice to me and you know, she smiled for me and cracked jokes with me backstage. But she was definitely the weirdest experience I've had out of all those other people [talk-show hosts]. She was definitely the strangest, um, just because it was like... Okay, so she was sitting there on the show and usually things happen during commercial breaks, like we play games with the crowd and stuff like that. No, we'll just sit there in silence. Like she would be like na-na-na and then she go (blank) and just like dissociate for the whole commercial break." (thanks to Vandervault member "vesluckar" for this quote)



Grace Vanderwaal - Ukulele, vocals

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