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Performance [476] 1-Sep-2019 (Homemade)


Grace and Melissa did a cover of Jessie Reyez' "Figures" in the entrance-hall to the Depot in Salt Lake city, where they would perform later that evening. They took, as Grace put it in her Instagram post “… advantage of this sick lil spot at the place I played today with of course Melissa."

The video is a slightly edited version of the one-minute clip that Melissa shared on Instagram later, with the caption, "played in a super vibey, old train station with my favourite vocalist and the most glorious reverb ever.” (Toney Negroni, from the YouTube video-description)

(Off YouTube)


Grace VanderWaal - Vocals

Melissa Dougherty - Vocals, guitar


1. Figures (Jessie Reyez - Cover) Version: 1
Version: 2: A view from a different angel (too far away for sound to be worth anything)

Times Performed

Grace has performed: 2 times at this venue, 3 times in this city, 3 times in this state, 370 times in this country