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Performance [474] 14-May-2020 (Homemade)

IG Live from the treehouse


Two hour long livestream, with Grace playing the Sax!, goofing with Olivia, answering questions, giving advice, singing a couple of songs - sort of (her computer died and she couldn't quite remember the texts), and finally, attempting to write a song, live. She never quite arrived at something like a finished "song" (so not included in the set here but the songwriting starts at 1:54:50 in the full performance video below))

(Off YouTube)


Grace VanderWaal - Vocals, Guitar


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1. Love is a losing game (Amy Winehouse - Cover) Short (1m26s), and Grace improvises some of the text, as she can't remember it.
2. Feeling good (Nina Simone - Cover) Abt. 2 minutes of the song which she had just learnt
3. Today and Tomorrow

Times Performed

Grace has performed: 76 times at this venue, 78 times in this city, 165 times in this state, 370 times in this country