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Performance [46] 14-Sep-2016 (AGT - Competition)

AGT Finals


On the second evening of the finale, after she had sung ”I don’t know my name” once more, Grace introduced guest act Stevie Nicks. After Stevie’s performance, she said of Grace:

”I have been watching the show since the very beginning [of the season]… and I have to say, she [Grace] remind me a lot of me, and in a lot of ways we seem very similar, and we like to be quirky and we like to be a little weird and different and not exactly like everybody else, but we like that. And she’s got it, she’s got that. And so, whatever happens, Grace is going to the top”

As we all know, Grace won, The Clairvoyants came second and Dorenbos third. The vote was the biggest in AGT history and the closest it had ever been for the Top 3, with less than 1 percent of the vote separating ALL of them. The 2016 finale also go the best ratings of a finale in 5 years.

Apart from the famous flowers from Taylor Swift, Grace was also congratulated by other musicians:

@Katy Perry, 16. sep. 2016 @GraceVanderWaal: Congrats! You have it. Protect it and keep🎸ing and 💉…✏️it will always serve you ❤️

Reese Witherspoon, 15. sep. 2016: CONGRATS, Grace VanderWaal on your America's Got Talent win! I loved you since Day 1❤️❤️

Jason Mraz✔ @jason_mraz: Congratulations Grace! You really do SHINE!‪@GraceVanderWaal‬ 9:57 PM - Sep 15, 2016‬

And by the Fonz: Henry Winkler✔ @hwinkler4real: ‪@GraceVanderWaal you touched us with your spirit and your ability... Now you will touch the world, you talented person‬. 8:05 PM - Sep 16, 2016‬

(Trae Patton/NBC)


Grace Vanderwaal - Ukulele, vocals

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