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Performance [453] 20-May-2020 (Homemade)


Grace went live on her own channel after the MTV Jam session event (performance# 451). She put on her “therapy glasses” answered questions, gave advice and played parts of a couple of songs. She gave us a verse or so of Noah Cyrus’ “I got so high that I saw Jesus” and a totally unprepared, somewhat tongue in cheek bit of “Shallow”, even half-attempting to sound like Lady Gaga ;-)

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Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, Ukulele


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1. Got So High That I Saw Jesus (Noah Cyrus - Cover) (first)
2. Shallow (Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Cover) From the movie "A Star Is Born" (2018 version). (first)

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Behind the song Grace explains where she got the inspiration fo "Lungs"

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