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Performance [451] 20-May-2020 (Event)

MTV "Alone Together" live on Instagram


Grace performed on IG live as part of an MTV Jam session from home in the “Alone Together” series [I have not been able to find info on this series and who else performed that day]. Grace introduced herself to the MTV viewers, telling them that she was a bit nervous being on “other accounts” where people may not know her. She decided to include a new song, “All in the moment”, without “asking for permission” as she put it (presumably from her label). “It is “an unreleased song that I wrote many, many, many years ago … that I actually really like”.

She had rediscovered this song when har manager gave her a link to a list of every song she had professionally recorded: “so he gave me this link to this wonderland of songs from last month to like four years ago, which was quite the ride! It was very, very, very interesting to look back and .... It was cringe, but it was also really, really fun and really interesting to literally see the development of my writing and my voice and my sound and everything”

She also performed “Gucci Shoes” for the first time – quite a feat considering how much that song as recorded, relies on sounds and other production-effects.

Afterwards she went live on her own IG account (Performance# 453). There she talked about the MTV event: “It was very scary. I don’t even know why I was so scared. So, I didn’t do my best performance.”

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Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, Ukulele


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1. I Don't Like You
2. Gucci Shoes (Intro) (first)
3. All in the moment (first)
4. I Love You (Billie Eilish - Cover)

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