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Performance [431] 26-Sep-2023 (Multiconcert)


Grace had her third Brooklyn Performance in a small venue. This time it was the Zone 1 stage at “Elsewhere” - a multi-room Brooklyn music venue and nightclub. The Zone 1 stage is a 200-capacity stage ”dedicated to emerging artists: an intimate room with a tightly curated monthly calendar of the hometown heroes and rising artists that we believe will define the future of music culture” (from Elsewhere’s homepage)

Grace was top billed, at the multi-artist event. The other artists were the duo Brockenberry & Ross, and 24-year-old singer-songwriter (and daughter of Tears For Fears member Curt Smith), Diva Smith. Diva Smith was added to the lineup when the original third-billed artist Sofia D’Angelo had to canceled due to an injured elbow. As far as we could tell Diva Smith had not at this time toured, and this appeared to have been one of her first concerts.

The event was also the first performance of the duo Brockenberry & Ross.

Danny Ross is an indie/alternative frontman turned pop producer. Ross was the founder of the Anti Social Producers Club. Grace took part in their Anti-Social camp in June 2023. Ross was also (2023) an assistant Professor at the Berklee NYC, a master's program, working with students on pop production, composition, and performance. He also writes a music column for Forbes with over a million readers. (Source Profile on Berklee School of Music homepage September 2023)

Ernest Brockenberry is also a Brooklyn based artist. He “uses his music to tell stories of heartbreak, nostalgia, and coming-of-age in New York City's vast and extremely diverse landscape.” (from his profile on Soundcloud)

Danny Ross wrote about his first encounter with Brockenberry in an Instagram post promoting the event: “one year ago at antisocialcamp, I heard Ernest Brockenberry sing — and just like a movie — I stopped in my tracks observing his extraordinary instrument. before we knew it, we wrote song after song with just his incredible vocal, my acoustic guitar and harmony. it came out like Simon & Garfunkel sung by D’Angelo. i can’t believe my luck we get to work together.”


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals

Jake Schaefer - Guitar, backing vocals

Joseph Kaplan - Bass

Fabio Rojas - Percusion


1. Just Kids
2. I Don't Like You
3. Waste My Time
4. Boyfriends
5. Let Me Hate You
6. Highway
7. Drive
8. One (Harry Nielsson - Cover)
9. Guess I Should Go (provisional title)
10. The City
11. June This song begins at the 5 min mark

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