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Performance [425] 10-Aug-2023 (Headliner)

Soho House Session


Grace and two of her bandmates (Joe and Jack) did a Soho House Session at the New York Soho House in Manhattan's meatpacking district. Soho House Sessions are a collaboration between the “Audible Ideas Shop” Humbleriot and Soho House. It is an “ongoing curated intimate series of performances featuring emerging artists before they gain critical mass.” Some of their alumni include Gary Clark Jr., Lana Del Rey and Joy Crookes. (More about Soho House and HUMBLERIOT in the timeline page for the day)

Only a few short clips from the performance have been posted to Instagram. In the caption for one of the posts, Grace wrote “Soho house last night 🖤such a magical time played lots of jazz and soul, beautiful vibe”. So, we know that many more songs were performed.

This was the first time Joe Kaplan played a bass ukulele (not on any of the numbers we have video of) and the Cajun.

(Various sources)


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals

Jake Schaefer - Guitar

Joseph Kaplan - Guitar, Ukulele Bass and Percussion (Cajun)


Only parts of the set are known, and the order of the parts we do know is also unknown.
x. Just Kids Fragment (26 sec combined of two clips)
x. Let Me Hate You Fragment (11 sec)
x. Boyfriends Fragment (23 sec)
x. I'd Rather Go Blind (Cover) Partial (2 clips totaling almost a minute) (first)
x. This is so sappy (Provisional title) Fragment (36 sec) (first)

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