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Performance [386] 7-Jul-2022 (Homemade)


Grace went live on Instagram for 45 minutes.

She played parts of a couple of unreleased songs and tried to sing a few others (originals as well as covers), most of the time stopping shortly after she had begun. She was a bit wary about playing unreleased songs as she wants quite sure what she could play and what she couldn’t, and she only played songs she did not expect to release.

One of the originals she sang was what she described as her first happy love song. She didn´t sing much of it though, as she didn’t like the verse: “I don’t like the verse at all, the chorus is kind of good. I love the chorus and it goes hard, but these verses are dumb as hell, they are so cringy, it sounds as if I am trying so hard to be edgy. This actually fucking sucks, in the moment I thought it was brilliant.”

Some of the songs were so short that we have not included them in the performance. She played/sang 36 sec of what she called her “first fully happy love song” (at 38:48 in the full event video), and about 36 seconds of “Figure it out” – commenting that she sang it so many times during filming that “I am so sick of this song … but it’s such a cute song” (at 40:05)

Source: Grace Vanderwall (official) on Instagram


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, guitar, production


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1. Walking in Slow-mo Played from her computer (first)
2. Stay the night (Provisional title) Played from her computer (first)
3. All in the moment 1:29 minute of
4. Lion's Den (1 minute live clip) - getting all silly at the end
5. Best Part (Daniel Caesar - Cover) (2:18 minutes of) cut short by a furniture delivery

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