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Performance [361] 14-Apr-2020 (Homemade)


Plays parts of unreleased songs from GarageBand on her computer

Grace shares some music she's been working on - (most of which she says she probably doesn't plan on releasing). She has, as he says “soo many” songs.

She just wanted to “… talk about random stuff and just hang out with each other. I am really bored, and to be frank, I am really lonely, I am like crazy lonely … so let’s all be lonely together”. Grace played fragments of four songs she had made and then chatted for about 25 minutes. Someone on-line asked Grace: “Would you join my band if you got bored enough during quarantine?”, Grace answered: “I would join youre band anytime, I have always wanted to be in a band. My schedule [could make it difficult] but when I am home, I WILL make it to the practices, I swear, like I literally will be part of your band, I have always wanted to be in a band. Is it like a cool garageband."

She commented on each of the (fragments) of songs she played from her computer (the titles are provisional, and not suggested by Grace). You can find the comments in the songs-detail page for each of the songs.

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Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals


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1. I can't hear you (provisional title) Played from a GarageBand Recording on her computer. She stops it after 1:06 min to play a "better" song
2. Let's have a party (provisional title) A GarageBand recording played from her computer. She skips parts of it. At 5:06 Explanation of song. (first)
3. Don't ruin the movie (provisional title). 1:07 minutes of song played from Garageband (?) (first)
4. Don't assume what you don't know Part of studio production played on computer

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