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Performance [355] 2-Mar-2022 (Homemade)


Even though she had “not played guitar for months" Grace went on IG live and sang 6 songs, 4 covers (one of them sung twice) and two originals (one improvised). Among the things she talked about during the live were:

About the long-awaited EP
“The EP is coming; I swear on my life. A lot of my new EP is less punk than what I have been doing [lately], more like classic Rock. There is one song called Highway that I feel I could literally here the Eagles do (this inspired her to sing Hotel California). I am working on my new EP, and I am putting everything on this, sometimes it keeps me up at night, sometimes I am trying to go to sleep - I am not an A-list celebrity, and I am betting everything on this, there is no backup plan.It’s basically an album. It’s seven songs and we already have all the songs picked. Everything is finished. Now we have to do all the music video and the photo shoots.”

She regretted having revealed much of the music of the EP on a live back in July 2021 (Performance 339). “One time during a live, I don’t know if I was like wine-drunk or something, but something possessed me to just essentially leak all of my music. If anyone has a screen recording of that or like posted it, please take it down.”

Procrastinating – as always
Grace talked about again being behind with her schoolwork: “ I haven’t done schoolwork in months. I am trying to make it quirky and cute I like to romanticize my life and my problems it makes it more digestible and enjoyable. But it is really bad, I do want that diploma.”. She also had to do some auditions that she was late on and had requested extensions for.

Tongue ring may be a temporary thing
Grace was happy about her tongue ring, but had to take it out while she sang, as it rattled against her teeth (not anything that was audible on the recording). She couldn’t have it out for long though, as the hole in her tongue closes really fast. She said that she would probably get rid of it at some point (perhaps when she starts touring again?).

Frankie needs a friend
Grace is planning on getting a Chihuahua within the next year “Because Frankie needs a friend".

(Off video)


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, Guitar


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1. Butterfly Fly Away (Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus - Cover) Version: 1: First attempt at this song at this performance (first)
2. Warsh - Tippy and Zelda (Cover)
3. Butterfly Fly Away (Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus - Cover) Second attempt at this song at this performance
4. I want to be that girl that all those books are written about (first)
5. A Beautiful Mess (Jason Mraz - Cover) Played with some interruptions and trying for the chords (first)
6. Hotel California (Eagles - Cover) (ends when phone tumbles down) 17:26 continued – getting silly in a cool way.
7. Annoying My Roommates

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