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Performance [350] 6-Dec-2021 (Homemade)


Grace performed/played an original and three covers during her almost five-hour-long IG live.

Source: Grace Vanderwall (official) on Instagram


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, guitar


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1. RANDOM GV BEAT 23 Grace commented: "It sounds a lot better on headphones”
2. We’ll Meet Again (Vera Lynn - Cover) Grace tries a couple of times (all in all less than a mnite) but gives up because of problems with the chords. The versions linked to here is an edited version by Tom Smith. The orginal, fragmented version starts at 33:44 in the full video (first)
3. Sleep Forever (Portugal The Man (band) - Cover) Grace: "I am going to learn this cover right now" She tries, with interruptions but gives sup after a bit more than a minute (first)
4. Got So High That I Saw Jesus (Noah Cyrus - Cover) Part of (1 m 47 sec.) Grace commented "I was obsessed with this song in my freshman year at high school and it is a fire song"
5. The New EP 24 seconds improvised chant (first)

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Timeline content On IG live for almost 5 hours

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Grace has performed: 21 times at this venue, 25 times in this state, 439 times in this country