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Performance [34] 20-Jul-2016 (Homemade)


Grace was in her room singing (parts of) a lot of songs and chatting about a number of subjects. Among the things she talked about were (apparently in a reply to someone online) how unhappy she was at school before AGT. (Mike Kertok's Facebook Timeline, where many of the videos come from, also has these non-singing parts)

This is one of three performances from this day.

HotelPappa100 wrote in q video description:
"This is part of a quite extensive YouNow session that took place on July 20 or briefly before. (Judging by the cover of "We Don't Believe What's on TV" that Grace published on that date)

After her success with the AGT audition Grace busied herself that Summer testing various social media channels. One of those channels was YouNow; the streaming service of YouTube. Those streamed videos are lost if there is no one recording them. (Something unheard of any Grace related content these days; but that was a different time.)

(Off YouTube)


Grace Vanderwaal - Ukulele, vocals


1. I Don't Know My Name
2. 12 Stars
3. House of Gold (Twenty One Pilots - Cover)
4. The Pantaloon (Twenty One Pilots - Cover) Fragment (first)
5. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison - Cover) Part of (1m) (first)
6. Trouble (Never Shout Never - Cover)
7. All of Me (John Legend - Cover)
8. Ex's & Oh's (Elle King - Cover)
9. Hey Soul Sister (Train - Cover) Version: 1: Includes som chatter interspersed with the song (first)
Version: 2: Edited and streamlined, containing just the song.
10. Lost Boy (Ruth B (Berhe) - Cover) Fragment
11. Hashtag (Provisional Title)
12. Rising Star (Rising Star Elementary School song) (Cover) (first)

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