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Performance [339] 9-Jul-2021 (Homemade)


On the evening of her last day in L.A. for the Hollywood Stargirl production, Grace went on IG live where she improvised two songs, sang one she had recently written and played five produced songs from her computer, four of them for the first time. As she said, jokingly “I am releasing my whole album on live”. She explained that she had gotten in big trouble for putting her music on Soundcloud, so she could not do that anymore. At one point, while she was playing the produced songs, she said she hoped no one was recording, but then later, after what she found was a successful improvisation of a song, hoped that someone HAD recorded it. She explained. “Actually, just the other day I went back to a song someone recorded on YouTube. It was the first time I have ever done that”.

The live was relatively short (compared to her other lives lately) because her phone was about to die, and she had not started packing for her return to South Carolina the next day.

(Off Video)


The full event video is from" IG-live". It covers a bit more than the video used for the setlist (except the first one).
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1. Sitting on My Balcony (Provisional title) Improvised sketch of song. NB IGlives (where this video is from) sometimes cashes where you last left this video, if so - you have to manually set the video to the start to hear this song. (first)
2. Drive Me Home (provisional title)
3. Just Kids (first)
4. Made it Out Alive (provisional title) (first)
5. Guess I Should Go (provisional title) (first)
6. Let Me Hate You (first)
7. June Only played partially
8. Seeing It Through (Provisional title) Improvised 3 minute sketch of song (first)

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