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Performance [337] 13-Mar-2021 (Event)

Interlochen Singer-Songwriter Webcast


Grace performed one pre-recorded song at an Interlochen webcast Singer-Songwriter with Pop Ensembles event. Grace and one other student sent in a home video while the rest performed on stage. Grace had recorded the song while she was in L.A. making the 'Repeat' music video. The song was only discovered much later through a commenter on the (hidden) 'Rage' video, who may possibly have had some connection with Interlochen. This was long after Grace had left the school, and we don't know why she would still take part (sort of) in a school event. By the way she looks at the very end of the video, it may just have been her way of flipping the bird at them...

The performance has been dated the day the Interlochen event took place, and not the (unknown) day when the video was made. It was however probably made very close to the performance date.


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, guitar


The Full Event video contains the entire Interlochen event, In this video Grace is on at 1:08:50

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