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Performance [33] 17-Jul-2016 (OpenMic)

Acoustic Open Mike


Definant Brewing Company was founded by Neill Acer in 2008. It’s a rough-edged place, looking more like the production brewery it is than a tasting room or pub.. “It is not a brewpub,” Acer said. “It’s a capital ‘B’ brewery.” (Neill Acer) (New York Breweries, 2nd edition p. 190)

"Every Sunday night at Defiant we have an amazing Open Mic hosted by Dylan Kelehan and friends. Signups start at 5:30. Bring your instrument and vocals cords for an always fun night." (

Grace performed here with her music theory teacher Dylan Kay (Kelehan). Grace's dad Dave appears to have been uncertain if this was an appropriate place for Grace to perform,

"Kid friendly? Got a 12 year old who plays amazing songs on ukulele… not kid songs, but want to make sure it is ok." (Dave Vanderwaal in a post on January 2016)


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