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Performance [324] 7-Apr-2021 (Homemade)

At her parent's house
On the coast, South Carolina - USA


Grace went live on TikTok and then on Instagram mainly to do music. She did several versions of “Repeat” during the live and later separately posted another one on Instagram with the caption "Practicing Repeat still a long way to go"

She began on TikTok where she did a short improvised sketch of a song, but then got banned. That appears to happen often when her lives go viral and attract a lot of attention (apparently any TikTok user can ban a live and some do that to sabotage her). She continued the live on Instagram with quite a few technical issues.

Early in the live, someone asked her to sing “Maybe this could be something” – she looked puzzled and said that she did not know that song.

All in all she did three takes on “Repeat” during the live. Before shed did the third one she admitted that she hears this song 15 times a day and is already a bit fed up with it. But she still thinks the song is great.

“Let’s write a song” – for this she switched to the ukulele and improvised a beautiful sketch for song which we have tentatively named ”Stop Thinking About You”.

She then played a theme on the ukulele. It reminded her of a song, but she couldn’t quite figure out which, so she tried a few, discovering that the theme worked for many songs. It turned into a sort of medley of covers: “Bad Religion” by Frank Ocean, “Secrets” by One Republic, “Someone Like You” by Adele, “Hey There Delila” by Plain White T’s and "Call me" by Billie Eilish. Even though she only sang short bits of the songs and often didn’t remember the lyrics, she made them her own – as usual - and one could easily imagine great full covers of all of them.

As the song-bits here are so short and parts of a “medley” we have not put them into the database as “songs”. But you can find links to all of the originals in the “Reviews, reactions etc” box.

This string of covers led her in to talking about “The next thing that I am going to cover, it is a big musical goal for me: lately I have been discovering a lot of healthy registers in my voice, it’s amazing and so fun and I can sing really crazy songs now. But I want to challenge myself, and I am going to master this song this weekend so I will be able to do it all the time.” And she plays “Bound to you” from the movie Burlesque sung by Christina Aguilera. (link to original in “Reviews, reactions etc” box[NB: Due to a technical issue - not quite yet])


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, guitar, ukulele


Several screen recordings were made of the Instagram live, the most complete one (and without live comments on screen – if you prefer that) being the recording. This is the one linked to below as the “Full performance”. Another recording from “Grace VanderWaal Fans” also covers the last minutes of the TikTok live, but appears to have been edited a bit and does not cover as much of the live as the IGlives one does. As this one is on YouTube and thus allows timestamps, we have used that for the setlist-items where it covers those. The "medley" of covers is not in the setlist as that would require it to be enterede as a song in the database. But you can find it at 20:21 in the Full Performance video.
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1. Chanteuse (Provisional title) One minute improvised sketch of song (first)
2. Repeat Version: 1: First version of the song on that live. Fragment (About a minute) cut short because live was blocked
3. Repeat Second version of the song that live. At 2:25 (On so no timestamps)
4. Repeat Third version of the song that live. With some interruptions.
5. Stop thinking about you (Provisional title) Version: 1: Improvised sketch of song (first)
Version: 2: Enhanced sound and no comments
6. Repeat Fragment (30 seconds) on Instagram posted after the live

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Grace has performed: 24 times at this venue, 24 times in this city, 27 times in this state, 452 times in this country