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Performance [322] 25-Mar-2021 (Homemade)

At her parent's house
On the coast, South Carolina - USA


Grace went on TikTok live as "Stace's mom" and pretended to be outraged over songs she played from her computer on Stace's suggestions. She even did very brief covers of two of them. The second one - to her surprise - turned out to be quite good. Even though she did it all as a joke - Grace still managed to give both the songs she (partly) covered a distinctly "Gracey" interpretation.

Later she began singing a new original, but was interrupted by her sister, Olivia - and never finished it.


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, ukulele

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1. Famous (Kanye West - Cover) Fragment (42s) (first)
2. Pour it up (Cover) Parts of chorus repeated (1 min 6 sec) (first)
3. Daydream 50 second fragment (first)

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