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Performance [316] 10-Feb-2021 (Homemade)

Recording Session

Producer Mike Elizondo's studio/house


Grace was in the studio with producer Mike Elizondo and shared a short snippet of the production of a new song and a fragment of another new song where she sang along to the track - "producing" the song live so to speak.

Finally, in a series of TikTok posts, Grace shared parts of a a produced version of a new song (recorded on her phone from what came out of the speakers in the studio, it appears). The folks at the Vandervault has patched together these fragments to what amounts to a very good impression of this new song, tentatively named "For You".

(Off video)


1. Untitled production snippet Short snippet of new production (first)
2. Matters to me (Provisional title) Grace singing along to fragment of a new production - producing it live. (first)
3. June Patched together of several sneak peaks Grace shared on TikTok and set to various videos and stills (first)

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Timeline content Grace in the studio with Mike Elizondo

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