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Performance [315] 9-Feb-2021 (Homemade)

Producer Mike Elizondo's studio/house


While in Nashville to record with Mike Elizondo, Grace went on TikTok for more than three hours, where she talked about a range of subjects, The uploader of the "Full Event" video below (Grace Vanderwaal Fans Facebook group) writes in the comments for the video: "Although she was tired, she visited with her fans for well over 3 hours, and even did some song improvising, and actually did some song-writing using some of her fans' suggestions! The first 3 minutes of this video are pretty jumpy, with some freezing and frame skipping, but it improves after that. Sorry. We cut this video off at 3 hours. The last half hour of this live story, after we cut it off, was mostly Grace trying to figure out how to maybe get on Discord, but that didn't come about, and after her live story was ended by TikTok when she started to play some copyrighted music - (she told us she got banned on a regular Tiktok post)

The first draft for "June", gives us a peak at Grace's songwriting process! She sings the verse twice, then launches into a brief chorus, then laughs, then says "something like that". She explained the song like this "You meet – first love and then they meet like adults and you see how they died inside" She didn't particularly like her first takes "The melody is fucking awful, there’s nothing good about it at all" She experimented with the melody… but didn’t not seem to arrive at something that worked better.

It later turned into a neat bridge to the chorus for "June", which is a great improvement over that first attempt. And then she completed the song in the studio. (Member aldri49501 on the VanderVault discussion forum)

A bit later that day (?), Grace more or less improvised three silly songs. One was about "Milk" In the second half of the song she sang random comments from her viewers on the TikTok live. Note: Grace has often talked about how she hates milk.

The second improvised song "Quack" was based entirely on viewer comments as they appeared on her screen.

The third improvised song "Tooth Akes" was initially inspired by the pain she felt from forcing her retainer back in place after it had been lost for a couple of weeks. After a while the song drifted from being about the pain to being a freeflow reflection on her life.

Source: Grace Vanderwaal on TikTok
(Off video)


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, guitar


Thet setlist contains videos with the songs she created / performed that day with all the talking and trying out different approaches cut out. The order is not necessarily correct.
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1. June First Draft for the song, recorded in its final version next day in the studio (performance 316)
2. Take Me Away (provisional title) About a minute of a draft for a song (first)
3. Life Is a Stupid Game (Provisional title) About a minute of first draft of a song (first)
4. Psycho (Provisional title) (first)
5. MILK (Provisional title) (first)
6. Quack (Provisional title) Audio only (first)
7. Tooth Akes (Provisional title) (first)

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