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Performance [314] 1-Jul-2016 (Homemade)


During one (or several - hard to tell from the video) YouNow sessions, Grace sang a short little silly song about Narwhaal Slime (for pictures of what that can be se for example

As the video is constructed of several undated fragments which may not all have been made on the same day, we have placed the "performance" in the middle of the year.

(Off YouTube)


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, ukulele


The "song" is sung at different points in the video (and with different lyrics - as they are improvised). At some point we may copy it and edit the song-bits together
1. Hashtag NarhwaalFam (first)

Times Performed

Grace has performed: 75 times at this venue, 77 times in this city, 190 times in this state, 439 times in this country