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Performance [313] 28-Jan-2021 (Homemade)

At her parent's house
On the coast, South Carolina - USA


Grace went on TikTok / Instagram and performed two songs. Well, actually she performed three, but the second one was more like five minutes of improvised stream of consciousness set to equally improvised ukulele-playing. We have chosen not to include this as a "song", but you can find at the 6:28 mark.

The third one was an original. She may have made a first draft of it on the spot in the live, but at least the music part of it appears a bit more polished, so she may have toyed around with the song a bit before. Anyway, she was so happy with that one, that she asked online if anyone had screen-recorded it. Fortunately, someone had.

(Off video)


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, Ukulele


She had some troubles on her TikTok and switched to her Instagram account to finish the live story. The full video combines both short live stories.

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