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Performance [312] 26-Jan-2021 (Homemade)

At her parent's house
On the coast, South Carolina - USA


During a more than two hour long TikTok Live, Grace - more or less – performed 8 covers. She started out on the guitar, but a string was broken, it annoyed her, so she ripped it off. For the next 6 songs she used a ukulele, only to go back to the guitar for the last minute or so of the 7th song and for the final song.

Before she sang "What a Wonderfull World" She had a short go at "Everything Stays" from Adventure time, but it didn't quite work, so she gave it up (at 1:11:31 in the "Full Even"t video". Later, she also very briefly tried to sing Lorde's "Green Light" (at 1:57:00 in the "Full Event" video. But gave that up too. For several of the songs, she learned the chords (and to some extent also the text) as she went along, reading them from her computer.

Grace had previously not though much of Olivia Rodrigo’s smash hit “Driver’s License”, but as she said before her second take on it during the live: “This Drivers License sing was speaking to me, I am not going to lie”. Not only did it speak to her, she spoke to the song, and as so often happens when Grace covers a song, made it her own, making slight changes here and there and giving it a distinct “Grace”-flavour.

The uploader of the video used for the setlist-links has edited outed most of the breaks and false starts in the songs, so this is a condensed version of the “singing” part of the original live. You can find the full live in the "Full Event" link.

Her singing was disturbed several times by dogs barking and other members of the family talking loudly in other parts of the house. She even had to get up and open the door for a deliveryman. As she explained: “I can hear everything as if it was literally right next to me”. It clearly disturbed her vibe.

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Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, guitar, ukulele


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1. What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong - Cover) Grace is learning the song as she goes along. It does not quite fit her voice - as she admits. (first)
2. Bad Little Boy (Cover) Grace sings part of the song and speaks part of it (abt. 53 seconds all in all)
3. Dream a little dream of me (The Mammas and Pappas - Cover)
4. Ghosting (Mother Mother (Band) - Cover)
5. Drivers License (Olivia Rodrigo - Cover) Version: 1: Grace is learning as she goes along, listening to snippets of the song on the way. (first)
Version: 2: The second take - wich as actually later in the live (and not immediately after the first take) is more "finished" - until ist interrupted by barking dogs and a parcel deliverey
6. Vienna (Billy Joel - Cover)
7. Cigarette Daydreams (Cage the Elephant (band) - Cover) Grace starts with the uke, but (after a break that has been cut out of the video) finished it on the guitar, still missing a string (first)
8. Make out in my car (Moses Sumney - Cover) This a much more complete cover than the first time she sang it.

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