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Performance [310] 20-Jan-2021 (Homemade)

At her parent's house
On the coast, South Carolina - USA


For the first time since the "Stronger Than You Think'' livestream on May 27, 2020, Grace played the ukulele, singing a cover of Mother Mother's song "Ghosting". The uke she used is one she has had at least since August 2016.

Grace posted the song on TikTok with the caption "Ghosting mother mother this song has been stuck in my head 24 2 weeks help" and on Instagram with the caption "Ghosting mother mother it’s 11 and I get all the chords wrong enjoy I’m 2 obsessed with this song lolz bye".

The official "Mother Mother" TikTok account gave Grace a ❤️👌✨
Grace answered: "Omg I got all the words to your song wrong I'm sorry" and then. "Holy shit thats cool"

(Off video)


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, Ukulele


1. Ghosting (Mother Mother (Band) - Cover) (first)

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