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Performance [304] 15-Jan-2007 (Homemade)


This is the first full "song" by Grace that we know of. There is not much of a melody here, but we have included it because it is an early example of Graces ability to tell a story.

We have decided not to include other very short snippets of "songs" that Grace have (sort of) performed before she started posting on social media, unless they are "public" performances or have been posted by Grace herself later.

You can find links to two videos containing a few "songs" we have not included (as well as some we have, and other non-music related videos of young Grace), in the Reviews, recaps etc. box.


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals


1. Not Friends Anymore (Provisional title) Part of video that contains other snippets of young Grace (first)

Reviews, Recaps, Behind the Scenes etc.

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Performance related Grace before the fame part 1
Performance related Grace before the fame part 2

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