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Performance [292] 27-Nov-2020 (Homemade)

At home
At the coast, South Carolina - USA


Grace sings along to "Hate me", a song from Miley Cyrus' album "Plastic Hearts" which was released on the same day Grace did this cover.

"I’ve been dramatically singing Miley’s new album pretending I’m in a MV all day I will FS delete this once I get a wave of insecurity but ✨✨whatever lolz Miley I love you with all my heart and soul thank you for this FUCKIN BANGER OF A SONG"

Just a day later, Miley Cyrus (or at least her social media team) shared Grace's performance on her IG Story.


Grace VanderWaal - Vocals


1. Hate Me (Miley Cyrus - Cover) Part of (1m27s) (first)

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