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Performance [283] 20-Mar-2020 (Homemade)


Grace is in her room in a sweater she borrowed from a friend, and never gave back, and trying to say “seriously” rather than “literally” all the time, but without much success ;-) She talks about how she loves “Clay” but don’t like singing it any more, She compares it to an artist’s relations to her first painting, “they were good, but you have improved and maybe discovered your style more, with your more recent paintings, my new paintings are more my style now, I am not embarrassed by the old ones, because they brought me to where I am, but I use different colours now, I use different methods now”

On the first song, Live High by Jason Mraz, she accompanies herself on an electric guitar. For the rest she reverts to the ukulele. Between the songs she talks about how she actually thrives being alone during the corona virus lockdown, since in her work she is always surrounded by other people.

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Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele


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1. Live High (Jason Mraz - Cover) (first)
2. Yesterday (The Beatles - Cover) (first)
3. Cupid (Ryan Beatty - Cover) (first)
4. Pluto Projector (Rex Orange County - Cover) Grace is learning the song online. She starts at 26:13, but the bit from 29:38 to 32:40 is the longest and most coherent. After that she tries to continue several times, but never quite succeeds (first)

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