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Performance [249] 20-Sep-2019 (Ur so Beautiful Tour - Headliner)



“Grace’s onstage presence was equal parts joyful teenage girl and seasoned young artist… even though she had a cold, she would still put on a great show. Despite her illness, Grace’s voice was incredible — her attitude and her connection to the crowd felt genuine. …Grace Vanderwaal is not just some musician riding the high of viral memedom; she’s a young artist with boundless vision and incredible enthusiasm…” (Elece Smith ”The Diamondback” September 22, 2019)

"Every Grace performance seems to be memorable in some way. Here at 9.30 club she was clearly disappointed that her cold was affecting the way she could sing - if only she had been here a week before, she said. Nevertheless she gave a super energetic performance. I think her singing was still beautiful even though her voice was much more husky, and there were other changes too which you can hear in the videos. The audience was the loudest and most supportive I have seen - I left the hall with my ears ringing! When she asked them to sing the whole hall roared into action - floor and balcony together. There were s number of posters to remind Grace how much her fans love her, and as Grace touched the hands of her fans bracelets and big furry hat with ears were passed across." (YouTube user R A, who recorded the first seven songs of the performance)


Patrick Martin - Opener

Grace VanderWaal - Ukulele, vocals

Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals

Nolan Frank - Keyboards, trumpet, guitar, vocals

Ben Masters - Percussion


1. Ur So Beautiful
2. Escape My Mind
3. Talk Good
4. The City
6. Gossip Girl
7. Poseur
8. Stray Version: 1: Part of song (1m14s)
Version: 2: Complete (but Facebook - so not accesible to all)
9. Vienna (Billy Joel - Cover) Part of (1m19s) from 3:03 (facebook so no timestamps)
10. City Song Version: 1
Version: 2: Grace is wearing the pom that a fan (the one who made the video) gave her during the concert.
11. Florets
12?. See You Again (Tyler, the Creator - Cover)
13. So Much More Than This
14. I Don't Know My Name
15. Waste My Time
?. Moonlight

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