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Performance [247] 17-Sep-2019 (Ur so Beautiful Tour - Headliner)



Grace VanderWaal Is Going To Have A Great Career
"Thirty seconds into Grace VanderWaal’s show, I completely understood the Taylor Swift comparisons. No, it is not because they are tall, slender blondes with eyes bluer than a sunny sky, nor is it because T-Swizzle sent her flowers, years ago, and solidified the girl as a promising star. At Webster Hall, for me, what unites this rampant comparison is their ability to make intelligence feel like a sweet, meek strength. ...Nowadays, vulnerability is promoted as strength, which it always was, but, because more know this, it is smart to be vulnerable. Why hide? If you want to free love within people then you have to free it within yourself, and Grace Vanderwaal is doing that. She is young, perceptive, and has the voice, in range and reason, to emote this (Diandra Reviews Sep. 18, 2019)

Two Danes go to New York to see Grace
My daughter and I went to New York from Denmark, just to see Grace, and we were not disappointed.

Grace had not been quite well for a while and began the concert by apologizing and asking for the audience’s assistance in getting through the evening. It was clear the she had trouble singing parts of the songs, but her voice was nevertheless incredible, and her command of it impressive, as was her stage presence. She owns that stage in a way I have rarely seen with soloists. And that voice has to be heard in real life, no recording or video can give it full justice.

What really struck us though was Grace’s musicality. The virtuoso way she uses her voice to tell a story and to express emotions, and the effortless ways she compensated for her voice-problems in a manner that took nothing from the music nor the experience. Also, Grace does not “sing” songs, she interprets them, and make them her own, not in an introspect way, but a way the connects strongly to the audience (or at least those that can let go of their adult aloofness and their unease of being seen as fans of a young girl)

While Grace was impressive, the audience not so much. They enjoyed themselves I am sure, but their reactions were somewhat less energetic than I had expected and less than Grace had deserved. Fortunately, there was a fair size group of younger fans at the front (together with quite a few older equally enthusiastic Fanderwalls). They carried Grace through when her voice gave out and made the front of the house a ball.

Patrick Martin, the opener, was really good and very likeable - a good match for Grace. He didn’t get much out of the audience either. You should always be nice to the opener (unless it’s really terrible) - they are there to support your guy/girl after all.
(Søren and Amanda Skaarup)

(Søren Skaarup)


Patrick Martin - Opener

Grace Vanderwaal - Ukulele, vocals

Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals

Nolan Frank - Keyboards, trumpet, guitar, vocals

Ben Masters - Percussion


1. Ur So Beautiful
2. Escape My Mind
3. Clearly (Johnny Nash - Reimagination)
4. Talk Good
5. The City
6. Moonlight
7. Gossip Girl
8. Poseur
9. Stray
10. Vienna (Billy Joel - Cover)
11. City Song
12. I Don't Like You
13. Florets
14. See You Again (Tyler, the Creator - Cover)
15. So Much More Than This
16. I Don't Know My Name
17. Waste My Time

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