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Performance [237] 1-Sep-2019 (Ur so Beautiful Tour - Headliner)



“Grace Vanderwaal fearlessly took the stage without wearing shoes. This did not slow her down as he started off with Ur So Beautiful. She had thanked SLC fans for coming out to her show for the night. Vanderwaal made a great connection with her fans throughout the night. She had asked the young fans if they have heard of Billy Joel before playing a cover of Vienna. The depth and maturity of her music truly makes her a unique artist. She ended the night with Waste My Time.”
(Review by: Daisy Beltran

So far we have no video from this concert but we do have a recording (click on "Next" above) of Grace and Melissa doing Jessy Reyz’ “Figures” before the concert,

(Daisy Beltran /Soundcheck411)


Patrick Martin - Opener

Grace Vanderwaal - Ukulele, vocals

Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals

Nolan Frank - Keyboards, trumpet, guitar, vocals

Ben Masters - Percussion


1. Ur So Beautiful Fragment (6s)
2. Escape My Mind Part of (58s)
3. Clearly (Johnny Nash - Reimagination) Part of (56s) at 1:21
4. Talk Good Part of (30s)
5. The City Fragment (15s) at 0:30
6. Moonlight Fragment (15s)
7?. Gossip Girl
8. Stray Part of (39s) strung together of several clips) at 0:58
9. Vienna (Billy Joel - Cover) Fragment (13s) at 1:27
10. City Song Fragment(10s) at 0:28
11. I Don't Like You Part od (30a) at 1:41
12. Florets Fragment (26s)
13. Best Friend (Rex Orange County - Cover) Fragment (6s) at 2:12
14. So Much More Than This Part of (1m20s) at 1:21
15. I Don't Know My Name Part of (1m)
16. Waste My Time Fragment (13s)

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